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The Samoyed, being essentially a working dog, should present a picture of beauty, alertness and strength, with agility, dignity and grace. 

The Samoyed should trot, not pace. He/she should move with a quick agile stride that is well timed. The gait should be free, balanced and vigorous, with good reach in the forequarters and good driving power in the hindquarters. When trotting, there should be a strong rear action drive.



Located in New Mexico as of 2024 (previously in Northern California), my husband, Ken, and I (Elizabeth) started the Polar Star Samoyeds in 2017. We welcomed our first Samoyed to the family in late 2012, started showing in 2014, and had our very first co-bred litter in 2017 -- making us relatively new to the breed. We chose the Samoyed breed because of their famous disposition towards people and children, their beautiful smile, and their playful nature.


Currently, we have four Samoyeds, all of who have AKC conformation and performance titles, including their Canine Good Citizenship awards as we believe they should represent the best of what Samoyeds are when out in public. I started showing because I love the bond that I create with our dogs as we take them into the conformation ring, rally trials, and performance events. As part of our journey with our beloved Samoyeds, I became a breeder in 2017 with a co-bred litter that has already produced three champions. Since then, we have co-bred other litters and plan for more in the future.


Polar Star Samoyeds would not be what it is today without our mentors. I have had many wonderful mentors, from all over, that have taught me about how to care for Samoyeds, the standards for a healthy breed, dog showing, and grooming the dog to showcase the beauty of the animal. I firmly believe in keeping what nature has already perfected in the breed which dates back millennia and is codified in the AKC standards. As our mentors' knowledge on the breed is passed on to me, I also believe in passing that knowledge on to people new to the breed or to dog competitions. 


When you welcome a Polar Star Puppy into your home you join a family and a community.

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